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DeflateGate: NFL, Tom Brady Won't Re-Open Settlement Talks

According to Adam Schefter, the league sees no need to enter settlement talks again.

After the Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had the right to suspend New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady under the current collective bargaining agreement, Brady now faces an uphill-climb not to miss his team's first four games in 2016.

One way to reduce his suspension could have been reaching a settlement with the league. According to Adam Schefter, however, this will not happen:

NFL does not see any need to reopen any settlement talks with Tom Brady and the NFLPA, per league source. NFL believes neither NFLPA nor anyone from Brady's camp has provided any rationale for settlement discussions. The league believes the time for those talks has come and gone, after the two sides had discussed a settlement last summer.

This does not mean a lot for Brady and the NFLPA, as they probably would not have entered settlement talks anyway. After all, a key point of disagreement last summer was the question of guilt. Brady, believing/knowing he did nothing wrong, has made it clear that he would not take responsibility for his alleged role in the Deflategate farce.

The league, on the other hand, is staying on its hard-line course. Business as usual from everyone involved, it seems.