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2016 Patriots Draft Reaction: Alabama CB Cyrus Jones calls selection "the best feeling in the world"

The Patriots newest defensive back is thrilled to be on the roster.

"It's the best feeling in the world," the New England Patriots newest player announced in his press conference.

Former Alabama cornerback Cyrus Jones is coming to the big leagues and he's coming to the perfect team to take advantage of, and further develop, his skills. Jones only recently converted to cornerback after starting his career at wide receiver and took to the position very quickly.

"I bought in," Jones said. "I wanted to help the team in any way possible."

Jones said that he met with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick before Alabama's Pro Day where the two watched tape and discussed football. Jones must've been familiar with Belichick's style as Alabama head coach Nick Saban spent four seasons as Belichick's defensive coordinator in Cleveland.

"Jones was one of Nick Saban's favorite players at Alabama," ESPN's Mike Reiss shares. And you can be certain that Belichick spoke with Saban for a referral.

Jones was asked to cover the opposing team's top receiver, which is why some of his production numbers are lower than his peers, but he loves to rise to the challenge. In his press conference, Jones shared that Alabama coaches made a lighthearted joke that he needed his own office because he spent so much time watching film.

He can play press and zone coverage and his nickname in college was "Klamp Klampington" for his ability to attach to opposing receivers; he should fit right in alongside Malcolm "Straps" Butler, Logan "Instant Offense" Ryan, and Darryl "Swaggs" Roberts.

Belichick loves players that buy into the system, and he'll love the fact that Jones knows what to expect.

"This is one of the best organizations in the whole league," Jones said. "I couldn't be more happy with where I ended up."