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2016 NFL Draft: Southern California and Washington LB Su'a Cravens Thought He Was Going to be on the Patriots

Everyone wishes they were on the Patriots.

Southern California linebacker Su'a Cravens picked up the phone and was surprised to hear the team on the other line. It was Washington at #53 overall and they were going to take Cravens.

That's great for Cravens, but he wasn't expecting to join Washington. He wanted to go to New England.

I'm not sure why the Patriots would add Cravens, when they just gave safety Patrick Chung an extension to fill pretty much an identical role. But I really like Cravens game; he's extraordinarily fluid in the open field and he's a big play magnet.

But it wasn't meant to be. Cravens has to go to Washington. The Patriots selected cornerback Cyrus Jones and then traded down from #61. Who knows- perhaps Cravens would've been the pick at #61 if he were still on the board.

Not everyone can get what they want.