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2016 NFL Draft: Why Would the Patriots Draft N.C. State QB Jacoby Brissett?

This is certainly a puzzle.

The New England Patriots added another quarterback to the roster by using the 91st overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft on N.C. State quarterback Jacoby Brissett.

As painful as it sounds, the Patriots are just following their blueprint.

The Patriots have the greatest quarterback in football with Tom Brady. They have a good back-up in Jimmy Garoppolo, who could see his first time as a starter if Brady's suspension remains upheld for the first four weeks of the season.

Brady is signed through 2019, while Garoppolo is signed through 2017. Garoppolo's tenure with the Patriots is why Brissett was selected.

The Patriots always add a quarterback every two years in order to increase the competition and to ensure the Patriots have a good quality back-up in case of a bad injury to Brady. Whether it's Kevin O'Connell, Ryan Mallett, or Garoppolo, the Patriots want to invest in their back-up quarterback; they never want to be caught in a situation like the 2011 Colts.

New England is preparing for Garoppolo to be available via a trade after the 2016 season, with his value linked to his performance over the first four weeks of the season. If Garoppolo plays extremely well, there's a chance the Patriots could net a 1st round pick in a trade. Perhaps the Patriots will only be able to receive a 4th or 5th round pick.

Either way, the Patriots are planning on Brady being the quarterback for the foreseeable future, and for Garoppolo to probably be with another team in 2017. This is why adding Brissett in 2016 is so important.

Brissett is extremely raw, there's no getting around that. But the Patriots are hoping that a Brissett will be prepared to back-up Brady in 2017 and possibly start in a pinch after a year in the system. Whether or not Brissett lives up to that aim remains to be seen, but New England is just following the same plan they've had for the past decade.

The succession plan for being Brady's back-up is explainable. Why the Patriots chose Brissett over some other option is beyond me.

Brissett isn't accurate, he's awful under pressure, and he has no touch on the deep ball. When I say he's a project, I mean he's a physical specimen that doesn't offer much value in week 1.

The Patriots are really banking on their ability to develop him into a starting quarterback. By all accounts, coaches and teammates love him and he's a hard worker that comes from a Pro Style offense, but he's just not ready. All the more reason to take him a year early, I guess.