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2016 NFL Draft Grades: Evaluating the Second and Third Round Picks of the Patriots

How did the Patriots do on the second day of the draft?

The New England Patriots have made their picks in the second and third rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft and now it's up to us to pick them apart before they ever step on the field.

Personally, I think the Patriots did fine. I thought Jones was a great pick, as was Thuney (at first), and I understand Brissett if the team truly thinks he can be a viable back-up in the NFL. I even understand Valentine, although I thought there were other prospects still on the board.

Here are my grades below, and I look forward to seeing yours in the comments.

60th: CB Cyrus Jones, Alabama

Grade: B+

I like Jones a lot and think he can be a great member of this secondary. He's versatile and he understands how to operate in a demanding locker room under Bill Belichick. My main hitch is his NFL readiness. Jones is a recent convert from wide receiver, so he still has a lot of needed polish. He probably won't be ready to step in day one as a starter, but that's okay. He'll be able to learn for a year before taking on a bigger role in 2017.

Jones will immediately compete with Justin Coleman and Darryl Roberts for time and will replace Logan Ryan in 2017.

78th: OL Joe Thuney, N.C. State

Grade: A-

I'm really confused with the Thuney pick. He was the best pass blocking college tackle in the country last season. Teams project him to play guard. Offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia worked him out at center. What is this guy's position? Or are the Patriots just adding the most talented players they can find, with the hopes that a position will surface down the road? All five OL spots could just an upgrade, so Thuney is a great pick.

Thuney can compete for a starting spot at pretty much every position on the line.

91st: QB Jacoby Brissett, N.C. State

Grade: C-

I don't like Brissett's fit with the Patriots because he requires a major shift in the playbook. He has poor accuracy on short throws, which is the bread-and-butter of the offense, and he struggles under pressure. The Browns took Cody Kessler a couple picks later who, while owning a lower ceiling, is a much better fit for the New England offense.

Brissett will be the team's #3 quarterback in 2016 and likely be the back-up in 2017.

96th: DT Vincent Valentine, Nebraska

Grade: B

Andrew Billings is on the board. Sheldon Day is on the board. Hassan Ridgeway is on the board. Dean Lowry is on the board. Willie Henry is on the board. Ronald Blair is on the board. Yet the Patriots chose the not-lauded Valentine. Why? He's a big freaking human being- the third largest defensive tackle in the draft. He's extremely athletic for his size and the Patriots are hoping to capitalize on that potential. Will it pay off? That remains to be seen, but Valentine better fits the mold of Alan Branch and Terrance Knighton than any other defensive tackle on the board- and that leads me to believe the Patriots have a plan and the other prospects just wouldn't fit.

Valentine will be the #4 defensive tackle in the rotation, taking over for Sealver Siliga, and possible replace Branch or Knighton in 2017.

Overall: B+