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2016 NFL Draft: Patriots send Pick #147 to the Seahawks in a GENIUS move!

The Patriots traded up and then traded out of the same draft pick.

Right after the Patriots traded up to acquire pick #147 from the Dolphins, they have sent it away to the Seahawks in exchange for a 2017 4th round pick and flipping the team's 7th round picks. This is absolutely brilliant.

Remember that the New England Patriots will lose their highest ranked 4th round draft pick in 2017 as a penalty for DeflateGate. The Patriots have added a second 2017 4th round draft pick, to join their own, and the Seahawks are a pretty certain bet to finish at the end of the round- so the Patriots will have a 4th round pick in roughly the same place as before the penalty.

The Patriots sent the Dolphins a pair of 6th round picks and a 7th in order to acquire this 5th round pick. The Seahawks have switched 7ths with the Patriots in addition to the future 4th.

In other words, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick just flipped a pair of 6th round picks and a 7th round pick for a 2017 4th round pick. That's absolutely masterful.

The Patriots now have picks #208, #214, #221, and #225.