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WATCH: Rich Hill Recaps the Patriots 2016 Draft and Evaluates the Team's Needs

The 2016 NFL Draft is complete and the Patriots are better!

As more information surfaces, I have grown more and more excited about the Patriots addition of Vincent Valentine. I think that his physical make-up is truly special and that the Patriots will be able to capitalize on his unpolished ability.

I also think that the Patriots had a pretty good draft overall. They added some good depth players, and some extra prospects that will likely assume a larger role in 2017. Malcolm Mitchell could be the receiver that bucks the bust trend, and I'm excited to watch Devin Lucien in camp.

And who can forget that trade with the Seahawks to acquire a 2017 4th round pick?

I think the Patriots have done a lot to improve their roster from top to bottom and the infusion of youth will really help the team moving forward.

Oh, and I'm still wrapping my head around the Jacoby Brissett selection.

Watch the recap below!