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Patriots gave Danny Amendola "roster lock" money in his new contract

The Patriots renegotiated Danny Amendola's new contract and the details make him a lock in 2016.

The contract details for New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola have trickled out, per the Boston Globe's Ben Volin.

The $1.35 million in guaranteed money for 2016 absolutely makes Amendola a lock for this upcoming season. Amendola was projected to earn $5 million in 2016 prior to the restructure, with an additional $437k roster bonus. Since Amendola was active for 14 games in 2015, only $218,750 of the "per-game bonus" will count against the salary cap.

Edit: Amendola's "per-game bonus" is structured as $25,000 per game for up to 10 games. Therefore, the entire $250,000 will count against the cap.

The fact that Amendola's 2017 terms have remained unchanged means that the two sides will have to renegotiate next offseason- or the two sides will just part ways prior to free agency.

Lock Amendola into the roster as the top slot receiver, but only for the 2016 season.