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Watch: Bill Belichick talks about lacrosse, what the sport means to him and his family, and more

The Patriots' head coach sat down with Lacrosse Magazine to talk about his favorite pastime.

It is no secret that New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick does not only love the sport of football but another one as well: lacrosse. Belichick and his family have close ties to the lacrosse community be it via the coach himself, via his children or via his foundation.

Today, Lacrosse Magazine released an interview of Belichick talking about all those things. Belichick, sitting inside a Gillette Stadium booth, talks to the magazine's Paul Carcaterra about what the sport means to him and his family.

The coach does not only go into great detail about what he admires most about lacrosse technically and strategically, he also talks about his own playing experience, about watching his children play and coach the game, and about coaching both football and lacrosse. Belichick also goes into great detail about the Bill Belichick foundation and how it has been able to build a lacrosse field in Uganda.

Oh, and the coach also takes the field. In short: 15 minutes well spent.