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Happy 27th birthday to Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski!

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The New England Patriots superstar tight end is turning 27!

Let's wish a very happy birthday to New England Patriots All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski, who is turning 27 years old today!

Gronkowski is already one of the most decorated tight ends in the history of football, and has put together one of the most impressive careers before the age of 27.

Gronk, who will be featured on the upcoming cover of Madden, is a three-time All Pro (one of 33 players in the history of the NFL to be named to three All Pro rosters before the age of 27) with 5,555 receiving yards (6th most of any receiver before the age of 27 and the most of any tight end) and 65 receiving touchdowns (2nd most of any receiver before the age of 27, trailing only Randy Moss).

Gronkowski averages the most receiving yards per game of any tight end in NFL history (69.4 yards per game), and his 65 receiving touchdowns rank the 3rd highest of any tight end in NFL history.

The Patriots have Gronkowski under contract through 2019, when he will turn 30. Here's to many more fantastic birthdays for one of the greatest football players of all time.