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Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski shares his rules and lifestyle for the offseason with GQ

The Patriots tight end is the focus of the latest issue of GQ.

Want to know what New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski packs for the three-month offseason?

"He takes a single suitcase," Devin Friedman of GQ writes for the magazine's cover story (Not Suitable For Work). "(Plus a SpongeBob backpack, but that's pretty small.) Inside that suitcase he keeps a smaller suitcase, a little leather valise. Like a suitcase matryoshka doll. That way he can use the big one or the small one depending on how long he'll be gone. And what he packs inside those suitcases is: almost nothing. Twelve pairs of boxer briefs, a single suit, three pairs of shorts, a couple of tank tops. A couple, as in: two."

Gronk travels coast-to-coast with just a few pairs of underwear, but that's all he needs; he spends most of his time shirtless anyways.

Friedman follows Gronk for an evening in Miami, where he discovers Gronk loves his grilled chicken ("so lean!"), his vodka-waters ("Vodka and water, with a lemon or a splash of cranberry. But it puts the water in you while you're drinking. Vodka water, so you're getting your fluids."), and that Gronk would rather have dinner with Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton ("Because he's Donald Trump!"; Gronk would join a growing list of Patriots that hang out with Trump, including owner Robert Krafthead coach Bill Belichick, and quarterback Tom Brady).

We also learn that Gronk shares an apartment in Miami with his agent because Gronk is still saving up his contract money and living from his endorsement deals; that the Gronk persona is a state of being and not an act; that fans can often gloss over the fact Gronk is a human being with feelings and not just a prop; that Channing Tatum won't give Gronk a dancing lesson; and that at Level Six, Gronk loses his shirt.

There's also an entire dissertation's worth of information regarding hyper-machoism woven throughout the story (To Glenn Gronkowski: calling someone a "homo", even if they're your friend, for talking to a female a) doesn't even make sense; b) is not acceptable).

It's an interesting article, with some Not Suitable For Work pictures of Gronk and a supermodel (as a heads up). Check it out here.