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Who does Patriots DT Terrance Knighton want the Celtics to draft?

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Patriots defensive tackle Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton is a lifelong Celtics fan and knows who he wants them to draft with a lottery pick.

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Connecticut kids are always the wild card when it comes to pro sports allegiances.  If they’re from the east side of the state, odds are they’re Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins fans.  If they’re closer to the New York state line, you see more love for the Jets, Giants, Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, and…you get the idea.

Keep in mind that this is in a state that barely takes an hour to drive across.

Patriots defensive tackle Terrance Knighton was born in Hartford and played high school ball in Windsor, Connecticut, and, spoiler alert, he bleeds green.

The Celtics, thanks to a few Bill Belichick-esque moves over the last few years, have a boatload of picks in this year’s NBA draft, one of which is the lottery pick from the Brooklyn Nets.  That means the C’s could be picking first overall, and will almost certainly have a top-3 pick on Tuesday night.

So a fan asked Pot Roast on Twitter who he’d like to see the Celtics take between the presumptive top two picks, LSU’s big man Ben Simmons and Duke’s small forward Brandon Ingram.  The answer?

Hey, most Celtics fans should be cool with that.

Maybe if Knighton is right, and he keeps cheering for the Celtics and turns in a good season at defensive tackle, New England can bury the hatchet over that one time he guaranteed the Broncos would beat the Patriots.

(They didn’t)