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Former Atlanta Falcons safety William Moore recently worked out for the Patriots

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The veteran is currently a free agent, so the Patriots brought him in for a workout.

The New England Patriots have one of the league's premier safety corps. It has talent, depth and youth at both the strong and the free safety positions: Devin McCourty and Patrick Chung are among the best in the league at playing their respective roles, while Duron Harmon and Jordan Richards are quality backups.

The position being one of the best on the Patriots' roster doesn't stop the team from scanning the market for possible depth options, though. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, one of those could be former Atlanta Falcons strong safety William Moore, whom the team has recently brought in for a workout:

Free agent safety William Moore, former long-time starter for the #Falcons, recently worked out for the #Patriots, source said.

Moore, who turns 31 today (happy birthday!), was drafted by the Falcons in the second round of the 2009 draft and spent all seven seasons of his career with the team. However, Atlanta opted to release the veteran in early February because of a) injury concerns and b) a $6.525 million cap hit.

From the Patriots' perspective, the workout should not be seen as much more than the team doing its due diligence. After all, as mentioned above, New England already has a lot of depth and talent at the position. While Moore, who has been to the Pro Bowl in 2012, could still be a passable player, it seems likely that he would be a training camp body and/or potential injury insurance only.

But as the Patriots have shown numerous times in the past, they apparently can't have enough safeties – particularly over the course of the summer.