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Patriots rookie WR Malcolm Mitchell ignores endorsement opportunity to learn the playbook

The Patriots 4th round pick just hopped into the fast track to head coach Bill Belichick's heart.

So if you haven't figured it out, I have a major draft crush on New England Patriots rookie wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell. The Patriots took him in the 4th round out of the University of Georgia, and he comes from a pro style offense with experience with "option routes" that the Patriots use so often.

That crush just grew three sizes today.

Mitchell had been invited to the NFL Players Association 22nd Annual Rookie Premiere event, where he would get to rub shoulders with all of the league sponsors and promote his self-brand. This is a fantastic opportunity, especially for a published children's book author like Mitchell to expand his audience.

Well, Mitchell is skipping this event. To learn the Patriots playbook.

This is the dream, right? A rookie receiver that's experienced in running routes that's jumping into his playbook with both feet- and one that will hopefully be prepared to take advantage of the increased opportunities with Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola both still recovering from surgeries.

Can Mitchell break Bill Belichick's streak of drafting bad receivers in the early rounds? At this point, he's doing everything the right way.