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Why would RB Arian Foster be in Boston?

Is the free agent running back signing with the Patriots, or are there other reasons for his appearance?

It took until the end of May, but there's been an Airport Free Agent Sighting in Boston and it's running back Arian Foster, formerly of the Texans.

Foster has suffered from injuries throughout his career, but is a truly transcendent talent when healthy. He will be turning 30 years old and is coming off an Achilles injury, but he gained 1,573 yards from scrimmage and 13 touchdowns in 2014.

Foster has been linked to the Seahawks, who have had no trouble picking up aging backs like former Bill RB Fred Jackson, and the Dolphins, who are still trying to replace Lamar Miller.

To immediately rain on this parade, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport noted that "Foster is in town, but not to visit the Patriots," which could very well be Belichickian for "Wait, everyone shut up until we sign him," and CBS's Jason La Canfora said that Foster is a couple weeks away from being ready to pass a physical.

So we all have to wonder is why is Arian Foster in Boston?

Spy mission for the Dolphins

This would be the perfect assignment for a new recruit, right? The Patriots send director of player personnel Nick Caserio and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia down to South Beach on an annual basis to pick up a copy of the Dolphins playbook, so they can sabotage Miami's season. It would be fitting that Foster has been sent up north as retaliation.

Philsophy night classes at Harvard

Foster is known for having a love of philosophy and it's not at all rare for veterans to pursue their higher education in the offseason. Perhaps Foster is getting a Ph.D in "Mind Changing Thoughts in 140 Characters or Fewer."

A check-up at one of Boston's renowned hospitals

I guess Boston has some pretty good hospitals or something. I've never been sick a day in my life so I wouldn't know.

To visit Anna's Taqueria

This would be an completely understandable decision for Foster. I hear places like Texas and Florida struggle to get good Mexican cuisine, so why wouldn't he come to Boston for a taste of the best? I know when I think of Mexican Food, I think of Boston.