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WWII Veteran Takes Goodell, 2nd Circuit to Task

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A member of The Greatest Generation has made his opinion regarding Deflategate clear.

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A little while back, I wrote an article for the blog titled "Roger Goodell Gets a Lot of Letters" where I collected a small sample of the open Ketzers to our beloved commish from fans all across the country who wanted to let him know what a terrible job he's doing. It looks like I'll be adding one more to the collection today, from an author who is infinitely more important than all of the other letter writers combined.

Warren B. Lessing, a 92-year-old WWII veteran, recently reached out to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals via his trusty typewriter to let him know what he thinks of the way both they and Roger Goodell have handled Deflategate:


I am a 93 year old WW II veteran and I have always found it prudent to invoke my disclaimer, in matters such as this, to voice my personal opinion as guaranteed by the U.S. Supreme Court under Freedom of Speech.

While I did not expect a reply, I wrote to Roger Goodell regarding the above, as I am sure thousands of football fans did the same, stating that I thought it was a stupid, asinine ruling. In the meantime you overrule the judge who rightfully, and sensibly, tried to put an end to it, so I am telling you the same thing.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this still the United States where a person is innocent until proven guilty? Tom Brady was never proven guilty. Don’t you have anything more important to do?

Very truly yours,

Warren B. Lessing

Boom. Mic drop.

For the record, Mr. Lessing is a New Jersey native and New York Giants fan. When contacted by a local radio station to expand further, Lessing went on to add:

"It just goes back to the fact that you’re innocent until proven guilty in this country, and that lately it doesn’t seem to be such a prerogative for everybody. They seem to forget that... It goes back to the fact that I think there are much more important things in this country to do right now than be picking on some football player [against whom] they couldn’t prove anything anyway...I think it’s just a ridiculous waste of everybody’s time. I think there would be thousands and thousands of football fans and the general public who feel the same way I do.

Unfortunately, being ridiculous, wasting everybody's time, and placing emphasis on all the wrong things is what Roger Goodell does. There are few individuals I respect more than veterans, and that goes quadruple for WII veterans. So it is with open arms I welcome Mr. Lessing up onto the wall, even if he is a Giants fan.

Goodell better hope he never meets Warren Lessing in a dark alley. Even though he's 92, the Ginger Hammer doesn't stand a chance.