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Ex-Patriot Dominique Easley's Rams contract has no guaranteed money

After being released by the Patriots midway through his rookie deal, Dominique Easley signed a deal with the Los Angeles Rams where he has to earn every dime.

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Nobody wanted Dominique Easley enough to claim him on waivers when the Patriots released him, and after the deets of his new deal with the Rams came out, it looks like Los Angeles wants Easley to put up or shut up.

Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reported today that Easley’s new contract is far from the sweet rookie deal he signed in 2014 that had almost $6,000,000 in guaranteed money.  As contracts go, his new one almost looks like a slap in the face until you recall that Easley was apparently more irritating than a bachelorette party singing "Single Ladies" at a karaoke bar.

"His contract contains a $600,000 base salary, the minimum amount for a player with two years of NFL experience.  The contract does not come with a signing bonus, any other bonuses, or any incentives."

You know how a lot of times, you hear about older guys getting a "prove it" deal that’s full of playing time incentives, like the Patriots did with Vince Wilfork’s last contract?  This is the opposite of that.  Not only is Easley making peanuts, but if he’s not on the game-day roster, he gets paid...wait for dollars.

(again, from Ben Volin)

"Since he has fewer than four years of experience and is not a vested veteran, Easley will only be paid for each week he is on the Rams’ 53-man roster during the regular season – $35,924.12 per week. If Easley hits injured reserve with the Rams, his salary will drop to $21,252.94 per week ($363,000 split salary)."

It almost makes you wonder why a guy who ended his first two seasons – and his last year at Florida – on injured reserve would agree to a deal like that where he may never see a nickel.

Actually, no it doesn’t – that’s market price for a talented, frequently-injured d-lineman with a Terrell Owens-sized ego.

Hope that pitbulls and Vegas trips during the Super Bowl were worth it, Easley.