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A survey about NFL jerseys reveals which teams hate the Patriots the most

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While it wasn't intentional, the results clearly show which fanbases dislike the Patriots.

The subreddit /r/NFL ran an extensive poll to determine which team had the best uniform in the NFL, and it's extremely well done. Every participant was asked "Do you like [team name]'s jersey?" and "Rank it on a scale of 1-10." This allowed the user Antitypical to break down the data in a way that everyone could enjoy.

The final results have the Raiders with the coolest uniforms, followed by the Steelers, 49ers, Vikings, Packers, and Bears. Fans seem to love the classic look (bring back Pat Patriot and the throwback reds?) and the Patriots finished in the middle of the pack in a virtual tie with the Cowboys and the Texans.

According to the numbers, 53.8% of the people polled liked the Patriots. Antitypical was smart and realized that divisional rivals were systematically rating one another far below other teams and adjusted the results.

The only issue is that the Patriots aren't just hated by the Bills, Dolphins, and the Jets. They're hated by the entire AFC, along with the NFC teams the Patriots have beaten in the Super Bowl.

The best takeaway from this list isn't that football fans think the Patriots uniform is average; it's that we finally get a look at the fan bases that hate the Patriots more than anything else, along with their ratings compared to the overall average on a 1-10 scale (PBA).

Honorable mentions: Eagles, Browns, Seahawks, Titans, Chargers

10. Indianapolis Colts (0.28 PBA) - The hate faded away once Peyton Manning left, but there's enough residual distaste for the Patriots in Indianapolis.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (0.32 PBA) - Pittsburgh has to be furious that the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady dynasty took over for the most impressive in football history. The Steelers would likely have a few more rings if the Patriots didn't exist.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (0.37 PBA) - We're on to Cincinnati. Only thing I can think of.

7. Denver Broncos (0.48 PBA) - I'm sure Denver and Indianapolis would flip places if Peyton never jumped over to Mile High.

6. Oakland Raiders (0.52 PBA) - Tuck Rule lives on in the mind of Raiders fans everywhere!

5. Los Angeles Rams (0.59 PBA) - The Patriots beat the Rams in the Super Bowl and the team is still trying to recover- but this time in a different state!

4. Baltimore Ravens (0.59 PBA) - The Ravens have been one of the Patriots biggest rivals over the past five seasons, while the Steelers were trying to rebuild their roster.

3. New York Jets (1.35 PBA) - The Jets made a pair of conference championships, which must have satiated their hate for the Patriots- at least when compared to the other division rivals.

2. Miami Dolphins (1.51 PBA) - Miami has been the Patriots biggest divisional rival since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady took over. They're partially responsible for the Patriots not having homefield advantage in 2015, which probably cost the Patriots another trip to the Super Bowl.

1. Buffalo Bills (1.65 PBA) - The Bills are 3-27 against the Patriots over the past 15 years. They're allowed to let the hate flow through them.

So there you have it. The Hateful Ten. Check out the jersey survey results here.