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Patriots have the best odds of any team in the NFL to win their division

Even DeflateGate can't bring the Patriots down.

In what has become an annual tradition, the New England Patriots are huge favorites in the AFC East, per Bovada. It looks like the suspension of Tom Brady won't weigh too heavily on Las Vegas.

Bovada gives the Patriots 5/11 odds of winning the division, ahead of the Jets and Bills (21/4), and the Dolphins (8/1). That's a landslide projection. Essentially, it means that if you bet $11 dollars on the Patriots to win the division, you will only win $5. If you bet $1 on the Dolphins, you will win $8.

Only three teams have similar odds to the Patriots; the Panthers are at 1/2; the Packers are at 2/3; and the Seahawks are at 10/11. Two of those teams have better divisional competition than the Patriots.

The Panthers have similar odds to the Patriots, with the Falcons matching the Jets and Bills at 21/4. The Saints and Buccaneers are tied at 6/1.

But the other teams have closer competition. The Packers have the Vikings at 9/4 and the Seahawks have the Cardinals at 7/5.

The Steelers and Colts are projected to win the other AFC divisions, while the Broncos and Chiefs have matching 9/5 odds. These odds would imply that the AFC will be a lot more competitive than the NFC next season, since the NFC East was the only division without a major favorite. The Cowboys edge the Giants with 7/4 and 9/4 odds, respectively.