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NFL owners vote Super Bowl sites for 2018, 2019 & 2020 seasons; tweak instant replay rules

At the current owners meeting, the next three Super Bowl sites were voted on, while the instant replay process was also tweaked a bit.

The NFL's 32 owners currently meet in Charlotte, North Carolina, to discuss and vote on various league-related topics. Among those on the agenda were voting for the Super Bowl sites for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 seasons, as well as voting on a change to the instant replay process.

Regarding the Super Bowl sites, the league's owners agreed on the following host cities (via Field Yates):

Super Bowl LIII (2018 season, February 2019): Atlanta

Super Bowl LIV (2019 season, February 2020): South Florida/Miami

Super Bowl LV (2020 season, February 2021): Los Angeles

All three cities and their teams have recently invested considerable financial resources into newly building or modernizing their stadiums. This, combined with geographical aspects, is likely the main reason for the vote's result.

Consequently, Atlanta will host its third Super Bowl, while Miami will host its 11th and Los Angeles its eighth.

For the sake of completeness, here are the Super Bowl host cities for the 2016 and 2017 seasons:

Super Bowl LI (2016 season, February 2017): Houston

Super Bowl LII (2017 season, February 2018): Minneapolis


The league's owners also voted to adopt a few minor changes to the instant replay system. The most important one was made to "include administrative items" during the replay process:

The Replay Official and designated members of the Officiating Department at the League office may consult with the on-field officials to provide information on the correct application of playing rules, including appropriate assessment of penalty yardage, proper down, and status of the game clock.

Basically, this means that the league's headquarters in New York will have more of an impact on close calls. This system has already been implemented during last year's playoffs but now will be used for all games.

Furthermore, the owners have voted on which plays will or won't be reviewable during the 2016 season. There was only one minor change to the current set of rules as the following were added to the list of reviewable plays:

(h) Game administration:
(1) Penalty enforcement.
(2) Proper down.
(3) Spot of a foul.
(4) Status of the game clock.

To view the entire proposal that passed today's voting process, click here.