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Jets veteran WRs are skipping practice as protest over their QB situation

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The Patriots rival is struggling to field a viable quarterback.

Practice was voluntary for the New York Jets, but the wide receivers wanted to make a statement: the quarterback situation in New York is abysmal.

Brian Costello of the NY Post reports that veteran wide receiver Eric Decker is skipping practice this week because he wants the team to sign quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. NY Daily News' Manish Mehta has also looped fellow veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall into the cause.

"Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall were no-shows for "voluntary" practice for the second consecutive day," Mehta writes. "If you don’t think that Marshall and Decker were sending a subtle message to the powers that be that it’s time to end this silliness with their quarterback, I have some prime swampland in Florida to sell you."

The Patriots division rivals are likely to bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick at some point in the coming weeks, but Decker and Marshall will stay away until then.

The Jets currently have 2013 2nd round pick Geno Smith, 2015 4th round pick Bryce Petty, and 2016 2nd round pick Christian Hackenberg under contract.

The quality of quarterback play is especially important for the Jets because they had the 3rd oldest roster in the entire league last season. The veterans on the roster are understandably developing an itch for a title as their careers wind to a close. Geno Smith won't bring them anywhere near the playoffs.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is actually an okay quarterback- and is far superior to the others on the roster- and the Jets success in 2016 depends on his return.

Any time a divisional rival skips out on practice is beneficial for the Patriots. So Eric, Brandon- take as much time off as you need!