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WATCH: Patriots QB Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass to new TE Martellus Bennett!

Patriots TE Martellus Bennett is fitting well in the Patriots offense.

I'm always happy when a new signing seems to fit right in. The Patriots acquired tight end Martellus Bennett this offseason and he is coming with some pretty lofty expectations. Bennett is a season or two removed from being regarded as one of the top five tight ends in the league and he's looking to reclaim that title.

He's off to a good start.

With tight end Rob Gronkowski not at practice, Bennett had quarterback Tom Brady all to himself and the two worked on goal line drills and spent some extra time together to get into a rhythm.

The two even connected on a nice touchdown grab.

There's a lot to look forward to with this pair moving forward and I'm excited for Brady and Bennett to develop an even better connection.

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