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WATCH: Which Patriots RB impresses you the most in this quickness drill?

The Patriots running backs all flash their footwork.

The New England Patriots didn't have running backs Dion Lewis or LeGarrette Blount on hand as they both recover from their respective injuries, but there are still bodies at camp.

The Patriots beat writers were all situated right next to the running backs warm up drills that involved flashing their foot quickness. We have a quartet of young backs that followed one another through these drills, in order of seniority.

First is veteran Brandon Bolden, followed by James White, Joey Iosefa, and then undrafted rookie D.J. Foster. Apparently veteran Donald Brown was not a part of this grouping.

Watch the tape. Which one impresses you the most?

Personally, I have to go with D.J. Foster. In all honesty, he's the only reason I'm sharing this. I watched the videos on Twitter and thought that Bolden and White were great, but my jaw dropped when it was Foster's turn. His quickness is insane and it looks like he floats over all the blockers on the ground. I'm also surprised with how quick Bolden looks next to White; there's not too much of a difference.

I do feel bad for Iosefa because he's 250 lbs and he's a completely different style of running back. It's like asking a shotputter to warm up next to a group of sprinters.