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Patriots DT Terrance Knighton is recruiting Kevin Durant again

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The Oklahoma City Thunder got eliminated in the Western Conference Finals, and Patriots defensive tackle Terrance Knighton wants Kevin Durant to come to Boston.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend, because Kevin Durant did not.

The Oklahoma City Thunder somehow managed to blow a 3-1 series lead against the Golden State Warrior in the Western Conference Finals last night, and if you’re a Thunder fan, that’s a double Draymond Green kick below the belt since All Star Kevin Durant hits free agency this summer.

Of course, Durant may not "hit free agency" at all – Oklahoma City would be absolutely insane if they did anything other than give him a blank check and say "Here, fill this in" – but Patriots defensive tackle and hardcore Celtics fan Terrance Knighton is going to give KD his best recruiting pitch.

Relax, Knighton’s not a jerk, he’s giving Durant some time to cope with the conference Finals loss and everything, but after that, according to Pot Roast, it’s game on.  From ESPN Boston:

"I'm leaving him alone right now. Letting him finish up," Knighton told reporters earlier this week at Patriots' offseason training activities at Gillette Stadium.

"I love how he's playing. I hope that he wins [an NBA title], kind of hope that he doesn't. But as soon as the season's over, if he's hoisting the trophy or not, I'll be texting him every day, calling him, flying down to OKC. I'll be in his ear a lot. Trust me."

The Kevin Durant free agent situation has been analyzed even more than what’s actually going on in Game of Thrones, but with the Thunder getting beat when they were so close to going to the championship series, again, expect to hear a lot more about KD potentially ending up somewhere else, like, oh, let’s just say, the Eastern Conference where he doesn’t have to deal with the Warriors, Spurs, Blazers, Clippers, and all that just to get another shot at a championship.

And if you’re Terrance Knighton, his sales pitch has plenty of ammo – Celtics coach Brad Stevens is basically the Donatello of the NBA Coaching Ninja Turtles, the Celtics have approximately 1,000,000 draft picks coming up, and they’ve got a young squad of guys like Marcus Smart, Isaiah Thomas, and Jae Crowder locked in for at least another couple seasons.

One thing: if by some miracle Kevin Durant does end up with the Celtics, PLEASE give us a Bridgestone Tires commercial with Pot Roast and Kevin Durant.  We need that in our lives.