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NFL Agent Calls Patriots HC Bill Belichick "The Godfather" and That's Absolutely Amazing

I can't think of a better nickname for Belichick on today, the day of my daughter's wedding.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has a reputation for removing emotion from his decisions; he'll always do what he considers to be best for the team. It has led one agent to tell his undrafted rookies to sign with the Patriots, and it also has led to an awesome nickname.

"It doesn't matter what round or what school you're from, if you perform you will have a spot there," NFL agent Harold Lewis, who represents undrafted rookie cornerbacks Ve'Angelo Bentley and Cre'Von LeBlanc, told ESPN's Mike Reiss. "You also know that you're going to get top coaching in New England -- you're getting coached by the godfather [in Patriots head coach Bill Belichick] -- and even if you get cut there's a greater chance you might get picked up from there than some other teams."

Emphasis added.

This is a tremendous nickname and it makes so much sense. 90% sure if a coach wakes up with a horse head at the foot of his bed, it's from Belichick (and the other 10% is Rex Ryan looking for an excuse). I'm pretty sure that Ryan Grigson and John Harbaugh started to check under their beds for Belichick after the 2014 playoffs and DeflateGate.

The rise and success of Malcolm Butler has really helped the Patriots land undrafted free agents, in the same way that the Seahawks saw an increase in interest after the 2013 Super Bowl. Whenever a team pushes an undrafted player into a starring role, above other players with higher draft pedigree, agents take notice because their prospects will have a better chance of getting a fair shot at the roster.

And it doesn't hurt to get the Belichick Bump if the player doesn't make the team.

Reiss has a handful of other great nuggets about the Patriots draft picks that I suggest you read.