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Captain America: Winter Soldier Has a Serious Patriots Easter Egg, Predicts Bill Belichick's Future

I don't know how people find these things.

It's not a secret that Chris Evans, the actor who plays Captain America, is a major fan of the New England Patriots. He made a bet with Seahawks fan and Guardian of the Galaxy Chris Pratt before Super Bowl XLIX and invited Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola to the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.

Well, an eagle-eyed Redditor tomcat810 was watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier and noticed something interesting when he paused the screen- it turns out there was a major Patriots Easter Egg buried in the still image.

To avoid spoilers, I'm going to use general terms. Approximately 1:53:30 into the movie, the bad guys issue two lists of people that might potentially disrupt their evil plans. Some might call the people on this list Patriots.


Notice anything?

Remember that Winter Soldier was filmed in 2013, so let's take a look at the players important to the 2013 Patriots. The first list of names includes Fred Jackson, noted Patriots destroyer, but it's the second list of names that really draws the eye.

Jeffery Welker? Julian Addelman (Julian Edelman)? Daniel Amendan (Danny Amendola)? Sally Collins (possibly Jamie Collins)? Thomas Brody (Jimmy Garoppolo Tom Brady)? Austin Collibe (Austin Collie)? Brandon Mallett (Ryan Mallett)? Sebastian Jones (Sebastian Vollmer)? Jerod Allen (Jerod Mayo and maybe Ryan Allen)? Chandler Fletcher is a double whammy (Chandler Jones and Dane Fletcher). LT. Nate Matthews was a nice touch, with James Solder listed above (LT Nate Solder). Joe Gregory could be a shout out to defensive back Steve Gregory, too.

I'm just bummed they couldn't find a way to fit Michael Hoomanawanui into the list.

Even crazier? The very first name of James Anderson matches the linebacker the Patriots signed on June 4th, 2014. Winter Soldier was released on March 14th, 2014. Looks like the movie predicted Bill Belichick's future moves.

The Marvel movie even gives a shout out to All Pro Actor Jeremy Irons, who ironically is filming for the role of Alfred- Batman's butler in the DC Comics. Whoops.