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Sunday NFL Thoughts: Angry Tom Brady, Rex Ryan won the offseason, Ed Reed’s kid is a Patriots fan

Did you know that Tom Brady is actually the Hulk and gets better when he’s angry?

1. I think that regardless of whether or not New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games of the season, we’re going to witness Angry Brady during his first game on the field. Angry Brady occurs when Brady has a reason to be ticked off- whether it’s a made-up investigation by the NFL, allegations that he is in decline, a trip to Cincinnati, or a smack-talking defensive back.

He certainly has a reason to be angry in 2016 after going through another round of Will He, Won’t He Be Suspended? this offseason. Brady will be fired up. And let the record show that Angry Brady might actually be an actual supernatural event.

Pro Football Focus’ Tyler Loechner came up with a list of eight Angry Brady games and it shows that Brady’s stats increased across the board.

Of course, this isn’t scientific and the first eight games Loechner thought of were probably in the forefront because of how Angry Brady lit up the field. I also think there has to be some sort of Angry Brady Halflife where his Hulk-like anger diminishes in subsequent games.

All I’m saying is that this deserves additional research at the next MIT Sports Analytics Conference- and don’t be surprised if Ernie Adams knows about the Angry Brady bump and he and head coach Bill Belichick have been trying to harness that anger.

2. Also, this is Exhibit A when anyone asks whether or not Brady is some science experiment from Belichick.

When Brady is going on a date night with his wife, he refers to any and all video recordings as “Snappy Snapper Snapchat”, which has to be some sort of Belichick Code for “wait how do I change the time on my car clock?”

3. Pro Football Focus released a list of their top 10 more accurate deep ball quarterbacks, and you might be surprised to see Brady coming in 10th place.

Most of my surprise is rooted in confusion about when Brady actually threw the deep ball. I don’t have Pro Football Focus’ data of 20+ yard passes, but I have the ability to check the splits on 15+ passes and there are some pretty obvious trends.

Brady completed 10 of 12 passes of 15+ yards up the middle to tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Scott Chandler, versus a mere 4 of 15 passes up the middle to wide receivers Julian Edelman and Brandon LaFell (there were no passes to Danny Amendola).

On the outside, Brady completed just 9 of 30 passes of 15+ yards to the tight ends, while he combined for 12 of 27 of 15+ yards to the trio of LaFell, Edelman, and Amendola, and 4 of 12 to running backs.

The sneaky star? Wide receiver Keshawn Martin who converted an intriguing 50% of deep passes (6 of 12) in his direction. Perhaps he might have a larger role moving forward.

4. Bills head coach Rex Ryan is back with his bluster, which means the end of his time with Buffalo is probably around the corner.

"Obviously a lot of things have to happen,” Rex said after the team’s first minicamp practice. “And we're a month or so away, but I told our players today to 'win July.' We won the offseason. I would challenge any team. I think we've won the offseason."

Winning the offseason is the only thing Rex has done in the past five years, although the Dolphins are far better at it and are four-time reigning champions. Rex is thought to be on a “win-or-you’re-fired” contract, so there’s a lot of pressure in Buffalo. The Bills might have the second best roster in the division, so if they go 10-6 and grab a wild card spot I wouldn’t be surprised. I also wouldn’t blink if they went 4-12.

5. Rex also had some nice things to say about assistant defensive backs coach Ed Reed.

"Ed Reed can still play,” Rex said. “It's why I tell him to work out 4 times a week. Never know. Pats game you're in!"

And, to be fair, Reed had nothing but great things to say about the Patriots because his son is an avid Patriots fan.

“The kid likes champions, man. What can I say?,” Reed said at a Bills practice. "When you're a kid and you're watching sports growing up, who's winning those championships? You tend to gravitate toward winners. Which is a good thing. It helps you from a work ethic standpoint, who you're watching. Who wants to follow losers? Just saying."

Let’s just say that Reed’s kid will probably remain a Patriots fan for the foreseeable future.

6. Friend of the site Mike Dussault of Pats Propaganda released his annual Patriots Season Preview for 2016, which is available for $4. Use the discount code “pulpit” for 25% in the coupon field on the check out screen after you add the book to the cart, so it costs a mere $3.

The Preview is 60 pages of goodness, including a recap of free agency, projected depth charts on offense and defense, key facts and figures, camp battle projections, and breakdowns of every single player on the roster.

He also includes the Patriots records based upon what hoodie Bill Belichick is wearing, so that’s worth the price of admission.

Check it out here, and don’t forget the coupon code.