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Open letter to the Cavaliers and Warriors from the 2014, 2007 Patriots

The Patriots know exactly how both sides of the NBA finals feel today!

Dear Golden State Warriors,

We know how you’re feeling right now. You’re gutted after an incredible regular season was overturned by some goober in Cleveland. You feel like everything you’ve witnessed over the past year has been a complete waste because you came up juuuuust short.

Your Under Armor sponsored regular season MVP didn’t perform up to his incredibly high standards in his final two series. Tom Brady has your back.

You lost one of your top players to a suspension for a nut shot. Ask Rodney Harrison if the helmet catch was worse than any nut shot.

You posted the best regular season record of all time. We hasn’t lost since the 2006 playoffs.

So, actually, we felt far worse than you do right now. Remember- it could be worse.

At least LeBron James is one of the best basketball players in the history of the sport. We lost to Eli Freaking Manning.

You had a great offense with a record-setting number of three pointers. We had the best offense in the history of the sport.

The pressure you felt to win back-to-back Championships was real and extreme. We had a chance to be the first and only team in the history of the sport to go 19-0. At least you set the record with 88 wins in a single season (regular and postseason combined).

You’ll be back next year and be better than ever. The Spurs will watch Tim Duncan become another year older and more robot-like, Kevin Durant will take his talents to the Celtics, and you will have another clear path towards another NBA title.

But if you face that same goober in the finals down the road, don’t think it’s a redemption story for you. It’s a trap and you’re going to suffer another heartbreak.


2007 Patriots

Dear Cleveland Cavaliers,



2014 Patriots