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Patriots WR Julian Edelman lists the 5 best burger joints in Boston

Well, now I know what I’m doing this weekend.

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is known for his love of the hamburger. He hosts his own YouTube show called Burgertyme and acknowledges his never-ending hunt for the perfect burger.

Edelman dedicates “20 hours, six days a week” to football, according to a recent interview with Bloomberg, but understands that “you need to get away and enjoy life so you appreciate what you worked for.” In his downtime, Edelman likes to skateboard around with teammate Danny Amendola and find a burger to eat.

“We’ll start on Washington Boulevard in Venice, grab a burger at Hinano, then ride down through Santa Monica and just soak up the sun,” he says, sounding like the SNL skit The Californians.

Edelman then divulges his favorite burger joints in Los Angeles and downtown Boston in the Bloomberg interview. Here are his 5 Boston favorites.

Hojoko: Near Fenway at 1271 Boylston Street. “It’s a Japanese place,” says Edelman, “but they have an insane burger.”

Craigie’s on Main: Near MIT at 853 Main Street. Edelman tells Bloomberg this is “the one I always go to.”

Back Bay Social Club: Across from the Prudential Center at 867 Boylston Street. I can personally say this place is awesome and that brunch here is also fantastic.

Toro: Near Northeastern University at 1704 Washington Street. Edelman recommends the sliders here.

JM Curley’s: Near the Boston Commons at 21 Temple Place. Edelman likes the smaller 5-oz Griddle Burger at this restaurant as a “midnight snack”, per Bloomberg.

Edelman should totally start a Burger Crawl that involves eating a burger at each of these establishments in a single afternoon. He has some serious ability when it comes to appreciating hamburgers.

Check out the whole Bloomberg interview here.