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New England Patriots links 6/24/16 - TE Martellus Bennett creates stories as easily as he creates plays

Patriots links for 6/24/16

Team Talk breaks down the team’s quarterback situation.

QB Tom Brady wrote a story in high school about the influence his sisters have had on him.

Local Links

WEEI’s Chris Price discusses how the Patriots have a knack for the dead-period trades.

Patriots OT Marcus Cannon and DT Terrance Knighton are set to feature on the game show Family Feud.

ProJo’s Mark Daniels speaks with RB Donald Brown about what the free agent signing brings to the team.

National News

Martellus Bennett writes for The Players Tribune about chasing his dreams.

I began creating worlds within my own in my imagination, and I would visit those places as often as possible. I wanted my friends to go too, but they couldn’t see the things I could, so I began writing and acting out what was going in my head. Whenever we took a break from destroying each other during neighborhood football games — sitting on the curb unwrapping our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches — I would tell them stories that I had made up myself. They came to me just like the plays that I used to draw up out on the sandlot.

Pulpit Priors

Patriots have a top 10 defensive trio.

What Ben Affleck and Bill Simmons missed on their DeflateGate rant.

Patriots have released their first practice week schedule for the public.

Roster Breakdown: RB Brandon Bolden

Patriots have a top 3 receiving corps.

PFF thinks the Patriots have offensive and defensive players in the top 10 in the AFC.

TE Martellus Bennett speaks about his past experiences helping him be second fiddle to TE Rob Gronkowski.