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PFF: Patriots have two of the ten most unstoppable players in the NFL

Any guesses on the two Patriots on the list?

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Pro Football Focus released a list of the "10 most unstoppable forces in the NFL" and highlighted ten players with the best attributes. Two members of the Patriots made the list, one of two teams with that distinction- the list featured both Steelers WR Antonio Brown and RB Le'Veon Bell.

You shouldn't have to guess the two Patriots players on the list. It's QB Tom Brady and TE Rob Gronkowski, the two best players on the roster and arguably in franchise history.

Gronkowski made the list due to his catch radius, with PFF noting the tight end has finished a top 5 tight end in their rankings every season in his career. I'd argue that you can't pinpoint just one factor of his play that makes him so special.

It's his strength when he has defenders draped on his back and when he has to block. It's his football IQ and ability to attack the seam and weaknesses in defensive zones. It's his soft hands and, yes, his catch radius. He's a truly special player.

Brady's unstoppable quality is his quick decision making ability, and it's hard to argue against that. He's not the most physically imposing quarterback by any means, but he dictates plays prior to the snap better than any quarterback in history.

PFF highlights that "Brady only took 2.06 seconds to throw on average" over the first five weeks of last season, compared to the league average of 2.5 seconds, prior to injuries taking a grasp of the roster.

Brady and Gronk combine to form one of the most unstoppable tandems in the entire league and both of their skill sets put defenses on their heels.

I hope to see Julian Edelman's foot quickness and Dion Lewis' elusiveness on the list next season.