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Yahoo commenter hilariously burns NFL with Deflategate joke

Yahoo’s Eric Edholm wrote about the NFL’s Twitter page getting hacked, and then found an amazing comment that was so funny, he had to show everyone.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t read the comments.  Don’t read the comments.  DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS.

That’s what they say.

(Note: read the comments here, because the commenters are clever and smart and fun and we like them)

Every once in a while, in a forest of morons, you find the Bigfoot of comments.  The one you never see coming, just like Russell Wilson never saw Malcolm Butler coming, but makes your co-workers look at you sideways because you’re laughing uncontrollably and they don’t know why.  It’s as refreshing as a cold Coke after mowing the lawn.  It’s almost like finding the greatest quarterback of all time at pick number 199 in the draft.

Around lunchtime on Tuesday, the NFL’s Twitter account got hacked, and whoever did it tweeted that Roger Goodell passed away at 57 years old.  The user that says they’re responsible for the hack also tweeted that the NFL’s password was "olsen3culvercam88", which seems like a password your I.T. guy would be pretty proud of.

Don’t worry, the burn is coming right up.  Yahoo Sports writer Eric Edholm found this in the comment section of his story on the hack:

That’s just fantastic, on so many levels.

First of all, whoever Uber is, they’re referring to the NFL saying they would "randomly" test the PSI of footballs throughout the 2015 season, with an extremely specific testing procedure.  Then, after a full season, the NFL changed their tune and said the checks weren’t for any type of research, but were being done as a "deterrent" against cheating.  Then, the NFL said they wouldn’t release any of the PSI data they collected.  And then, the NFL said they weren’t studying any of the data they did happen to get, either.  Then after that, the NFL’s Troy Vincent said that the spot checks weren’t even about PSI at all, just making sure that game balls were brought to the stadium correctly.

Throw that together with a billion-dollar company like the NFL getting hacked by some joker and played like they left their browser open on their laptop in college, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

People don’t forget, NFL!