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NFL reveals 10 famous Patriots games to be shown on YouTube, but you’ll only watch 3 of them

The NFL will host full games on YouTube. What will you be watching?

The NFL ran an interesting campaign where fans could vote for their favorite games to be uploaded to the league’s official YouTube channel. NFL Films generated a list of 160 games and fans voted for the three best games for each franchise.

These games will be uploaded to YouTube when the preseason begins.

Here are the games that Patriots fans voted for:

Super Bowl XLIX - Patriots vs. Seahawks (69%): Malcolm Butler interception.

2001 AFC Division playoff - Patriots vs. Raiders (13%): Tuck rule game.

Super Bowl XXXVI - Patriots vs. Rams (9%): Patriots upset win over Rams.

These are three fantastic choices, although I’m surprised that the Super Bowl victories over the Eagles and Panthers didn’t beat out the Tuck Rule game. In fact, I’m kind of surprised why the Tuck Rule game made the cut. It wasn’t a particularly well-played game- although I guess you’re getting your money’s worth by featuring an overtime game.

I’d be also interested to see some games from the 2007 season (NFL, please upload these to NFL Rewind!).

Of course, these won’t be the only Patriots games on the site- even though they’ll be the only ones you’ll want to watch. Other teams have defeated the Patriots over the years and consider those victories to be among the best and most important in their franchise histories.

2010 AFC Division playoff - Jets vs. Patriots (37%): Rex Ryan team upsets Bill Belichick’€™s Patriots, 28-21.

2012 AFC Championship Game - Ravens vs. Patriots (21%): Upset road win in New England to get to Super Bowl.

2006 AFC Championship Game - Colts vs. Patriots (42%): Peyton Manning comeback vs. Patriots.

Super Bowl XLII - Giants vs. Patriots (59%): Classic Re-air. David Tyree catch.

Note: the 2011 Super Bowl match-up between the Patriots and Giants did not make the list, but you will be able to watch Bill Belichick’s masterful defensive plan from Super Bowl XXV- the notorious “Wide Right” game. That game plan is currently in the Hall of Fame.

Super Bowl XX - Bears vs. Patriots (39%): Bears win Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XXXI - Packers vs Patriots (17%): Favre wins Super Bowl.

2013 MNF win - Panthers vs. Patriots (34%): Cam Newton to Ted Ginn with 59 seconds left to win game vs Patriots. Also the infamous Luke Kuechly Hugs Rob Gronkowski and the Official Picks Up the Flag game.

I think Super Bowl XX and Super Bowl XXXI might intrigue me from a historical perspective, but I can’t think I’ll ever watch any of those other games.

Which game are you most excited to watch?