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2nd Circuit Denies Tom Brady's Appeal

The 2nd Circuit handed down it's ruling to day, and as expected, the news isn't good for Brady.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, the 2nd Circuit Court Denied Tom Brady's request to rehear the Deflategate ruling; the four game suspension is back on.

Brady had about a 1% chance of getting the rehearing, so this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The amicus briefs that were filed on his behalf certainly didn't hurt his cause, but the reality is that, under the CBA, Roger Goodell can more or less do whatever the hell he wants, and it isn't the court's job to point out a crappy clause in a contract negotiated by both sides.

Brady can still appeal to the Supreme Court, and if he does so, will likely ask the 2nd Circuit for a stay in suspension in order to allow him time to prepare said appeal. If this is in fact the case, he'd be allowed to play the entire 2016 season.

Plenty of fully inflated, non-tampered balls still n the air here, so stay tuned for updates. But as of now, it's Jimmy G's show for the first four games.