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New England Patriots links 7/15/16 - Patriots TE roster: This is not your 2013 depth chart

Daily news and links for 7/15/16

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TE Matthew Mulligan from 2013
TE Matthew Mulligan from 2013
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  • Tom E. Curran writes this is a helluva win for Roger Goodell and his NFL cabal. They suspended the best quarterback of this or maybe any generation over nothing, and are getting away with it.
  • Tom E. Curran joins SNC to talk about the next steps for Tom Brady and his legal team: 'No bleeping way' Brady and Goodell reach settlement.
  • Andrew Sheehan hears from Sports law attorney Daniel Wallach, who believes that Tom Brady's best chance to have his Deflategate suspension overturned lies in the hands of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  (3.26 min. video)
  • Chris Mason hears from sports attorney Daniel Wallach to shed some light on Tom Brady’s legal battles.
  • Alan Milstein (Sports Law Blog) One last gasp: "I predict Justice Ginsburg will issue the stay,..."
  • Matt Bonesteel (Washington Post) Bill Simmons accuses Stephen A. Smith, ‘multiple’ ESPN employees of being NFL stooges
  • Michael Hurley looks at the Supreme Court's history and sees hope for Tom Brady's deflategate fight.
  • Michael Hurley gets the "vibe from the Brady camp that this was the plan all along,"
  • WEEI guest Mike Florio says he 'would be shocked if Tom Brady and the NFLPA doesn't take this [to the Supreme Court].
  • Bruce Allen (Boston Sports Media Watch) I have no use for you if...
  • Bill Simmons accuses Stephen A. Smith, ‘multiple’ ESPN employees of being NFL stooges.
  • CSNNE hears from NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski: Can I just say free Tom Brady? (1.55 min. video)