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Randy Moss talks about Bill Belichick, the catch rule, and football overseas

In an interview with SI’s MMQB, former Patriots receiver and all-time great Randy Moss talked about a few things that should interest Patriots fans.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Bless you, MMQB.  Bless you for providing us with an excellent interview with one of the best players of all time, at the exact same time of the summer when there’s zero football news to be had.

(OK, fine, MMQB has been god-awful at times, too, but they pulled a Madison Bumgarner here and hit one out of the park, however unexpectedly.)

SI’s Kalyn Kahler caught up with ex-Patriot Randy Moss this week, and it turns out that he’s teaming up with a couple other former Pats to teach football to kids in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Here’s what Moss had to say on football in the Caribbean:

"Last time I was here, I met a gentleman by the name of Ryan Jones, and he had an affiliation with and had played in the NFL. I heard that he was bringing American football to the islands. I was really intrigued by it. The more you look around the world, you understand that soccer is the number one sport. So I went to a football game here that day. There was a great turnout. The kids enjoyed it, and the coaches looked like they were having fun. They really want to know about American football and that is a sport that has paved the way for me and my family. I have been blessed in many ways to be able to play in the NFL. I wanted to be able to try to give back. I wanted to bring a few guys over here to help. Vince Wilfork and Aqib Talib are out here with me. It’s two-and-a-half weeks before training camp starts, so I wanted to give the guys a place to relax and bring their families and enjoy a vacation, but at the same, do a little bit of working out and teach a little football."

If you follow the link in the SI piece to the Turks and Caicos Islands American Football Academy page, it also notes that Patriots Hall of Fame running back Kevin Faulk was there!

Randy also had something to say about the Inception-esque catch rules in the NFL:

"I think it is carrying a catch all the way to the ground. The ball doesn’t move, the ball doesn’t hit the ground. You carry the ball all the way until you get up off the ground. If the ball is moving, or if the ball hits the ground, of if you are getting up without the ball, that’s not a catch. There are a lot of questions going on about that, and I would honestly think that the people that should be helping out with that are the guys who caught balls. That’s why I joined the Catch Rule Committee and listened to what was going on. Everybody has their own answer of what a catch should be. I say, secure the ball, if the ball is not moving, it’s a dead ball, simple as that."

Put Randy in the New York review booth ASAP, please.

Moss also had a very simple, yet interesting twist on Bill Belichick’s coaching philosophy (SI asked him, specifically, "What is the method to Bill Belichick’s madness?"):

"Do your job, be the best at whatever your job description is."

And, of course, just like the recent Allen Iverson documentary, the MMQB just had to ask Randy about fans saying his famous "Straight cash, homey" line:

"Yeah, that’s just something you get used to."

The whole interview is great, since Randy Moss has zero time for being PC or telling people what they want to hear. Check it out, since you’re probably not doing any real work on a Friday anyway.

Side note: why does nobody ever ask these all-time great wide receivers what they think about the NFL’s pass interference rules?  Guys like Randy played back in the day when defensive backs could block a receiver into a different zip code and when the NFL changed the rules (courtesy of the Indianapolis Colts) to make receivers basically untouchable.  Get on it, MMQB.