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WATCH: Patriots WR Julian Edelman cranks a home run and his foot seems to be healing

Here’s a good sign that Edelman could be ready to play football soon!

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman joined the Boston Red Sox for batting practice and fielding work and there are some positive signs for his near return.

First, it would appear that Edelman is now functioning without a boot on his foot, which is a good sign for his returned health. While we won’t know if he’s ready to take the field until preseason begins, the fact that he’s performing physical activities without support is a positive sign.

Here’s Edelman playing shortstop, which involves some basic lateral motions. He’s not going through drills, of course, but he’s putting pressure on the sides of his feet; at the very least, it’s a good start.

And here’s Julian Edelman doing some batting practice...

And here he is with a monster home run shot:

Edelman reinjured his foot in the AFC Championship game and required surgery. He was projected to return for training camp and he appears to be on schedule. The receiver is a vital part of the Patriots offense and allows quarterback Tom Brady to get rid of the ball at a game-changing rate. The faster he returns to full health, the better.