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Calling all Patriots fans: Design the Pats Pulpit Facebook header!

We want to upgrade our Facebook page and need your help to do it!

The New England Patriots head back to work next week: on Thursday, the Patriots's 2016 training camp opens. Over the next few weeks, the team is looking for the men with whom it will try to re-conquer the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Not only the team is trying to prepare for 2016, we are too.

For example, the Pulpit’s Facebook page (in case you do not like it yet, you are very welcome to do so) needs some visual updating – and we want you to help. Specifically, we want you to design the page’s header, which currently looks like this:

This picture of good old Gillette Stadium sits atop our page since 2012. However, the Patriots have changed quite a bit in the last four years and that is why it is just fair that our Facebook page changes as well.

And this is where we turn to you to step forward and propose a new design. Simply do the following:

1. Upload a picture in the format 830 x 315 pixels in the comment section.
2. Rec the uploaded pictures you like the most.

The pictures with the most recs will grace the Pats Pulpit Facebook page in the upcoming weeks. So: have fun and be creative!

We are looking forward to seeing your designs!