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Patriots owner Robert Kraft makes six-figure donation to David Ortiz charity, calls him “Tom Brady of the Red Sox”

How did no one hear about this?!

Well that flew under the radar.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft apparently donated $100,000 to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund and spent an additional $12,000 on a Ortiz-signed guitar, per the Globe. The event took place on Monday, July 18th.

How did no one hear about this? The above note from the Globe’s Pete Abraham is the only tweet from a reporter that includes the terms “Kraft” and “Ortiz” over the past week.

“Kraft called Ortiz the Tom Brady of the Red Sox, and said he’d waited his whole life to see the Sox win the World Series and it didn’t happen until Ortiz showed up,” according to Mark Shanahan of the Globe.

David Ortiz is a legend in Boston and is responsible for helping Reverse the Curse. Ortiz has been a part of three World Series titles (2004, 2007, 2013) and is a 10-time All Star. The 40-year-old is currently in the midst of an MVP-caliber season, although he is set to retire at the end of the year.

It’s always great to see the Boston teams offer support to one another and the Patriots have been out in full force this offseason. Quarterback Tom Brady joined the Boston Celtics in recruiting basketball star Kevin Durant in free agency and it almost worked.

(h/t to Monday Morning Quarterback for highlighting this)