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Patriots QB Tom Brady reports to training camp 2 days before other veterans

Nothing can stop the Patriots quarterback from getting ready!

While rookies had to report on Sunday, New England Patriots veterans don’t have to report to camp until Wednesday, July 27th. Quarterback Tom Brady is held to a different standard.

Per the collective bargaining agreement, “no veteran player other than quarterbacks and injured players will be required to report to a Club’s official preseason training camp earlier than fifteen days prior to his Club’s first scheduled preseason game.”

This means that the Patriots can, and did, request that Brady and the other quarterbacks show up on site prior to the July 27th date (15 days prior to the August 11th preseason game against the Saints).

Brady will want to get his fill of football before his suspension is enforced during the first four weeks of the NFL season. Brady, back-up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and the players recovering from injuries will join the rookies in the building as they get in football shape.

Rookies will receive a per diem of $1,000 during training camp, while veterans receive a per diem of $1,800. Not bad for a quick day of work.