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Let’s play fantasy football with Pats Pulpit readers!

Join today!

Everyone likes fantasy football, right? It’s a fun way to learn about players around the league and it increases engagement with the sport we’re all here to support.

I’ve created a Pats Pulpit league at Yahoo! that you can access here, but I expect it to fill up soon. Feel free to create your own leagues since I’ll be tracking this on a weekly basis for Yahoo! Fantasy. If you want to make your own rules (No Broncos players? Two tight ends? Everyone has to have one Patriot?) feel free!

The draft is scheduled for September 4th at 10:00am EST, one day after final roster cuts.

So when the Patriots kick off their preseason today, make sure you keep track of the depth options that might be a surprise superstar. My money is on Chris Hogan because I think his is going to rack up the yards and scores as the season wears on.