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So a Patriots safety just retired out of the blue

Raise your hand if you know what just happened!

Well that was certainly unexpected.

New England Patriots defensive back Brock Vereen has retired, according to the NFL Transaction Wire, ending what had been a promising preseason.

Vereen, who turns 24 in two days on August 17th, was drafted in the 4th round by the Chicago Bears in 2014. He was released early in the 2015 season and signed on with the Minnesota Vikings practice squad for a month. The Patriots added Vereen to the practice squad in the middle of November and brought him back in 2016 on a futures contract.

The defensive back had been a standout this offseason as an active participant on both defense and special teams. I projected him as a possible practice squad stash, to be quickly elevated to the active roster a la special teams ace Brandon King.

Vereen is the younger brother of Super Bowl Champion and former Patriots running back Shane Vereen.

We do not why Vereen retired, but we wish him luck moving forward.