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Injury update on Patriots QB Tom Brady and why he’s not playing against the Bears

We know why Brady isn’t suiting up and it’s a real facepalm.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was expected to start against the Chicago Bears. Until he wasn’t. And then he was spotted leaving the stadium before kick-off.

What happened?

Some speculated that it was a way to keep back-up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on his toes, and that would be a total Bill Belichick move.

Instead, it’s a lot more eyerolling, per a CSNNE report by Tom Curran.

“Tom Brady sliced his right thumb with a pair of scissors prior to Thursday night’s preseason game against the Bears and was sent home...Apparently, Brady was trying to pry something from the bottom of his cleat prior to taking the field and sustained the cut.”

Curran notes that the seriousness of the injury is unknown, and that there is no timetable for his return.

It’s never good to see your star quarterback injure his thumb; he needs that in order to play. But at least there will be more snaps for Garoppolo as he prepare for the 2016 season.