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Revisiting Anthony Johnson's Scouting Report

His previous hype was fake. Maybe not this time.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

If I remember correctly, the 2013 - 2014 season is where I started dedicating significant amount of time on college prospects. Finding and reading credible scouting reports. Following credible guys who write these reports on twitter. Start writing fanposts here at Pulpit. And so on.

One thing I remember about Anthony Johnson from that time is that he was one of favorite punching bags among arm chair scouts (albeit very skilled ones unlike me) on Twitter. He was a quintessential case that national writers likes of Mel Kiper hype up solely because of upside / raw ability and school he played for.

It was only fair that those arm chair scouts, who had seen too many athletic demons flaming out left and right on their respective teams (what's up Mark Harrison), shook their collective head while staring at Kiper's hairdo.

It was a consensus that his partner in crime, Ego Ferguson was a significantly better prospect.

And yeah, he really screwed up at the Combine

Scouting Reports:

Dane Brugler (CBS Sports)

Bleacher Report

Too lazy to read? OK, let me summarize.

Athletic. Talented. Very very raw technique. Poor Production. Underachiever. Should have stayed another year at school.

Fast forward two years, the fact Johnson went undrafted and has been cut twice at the age of 23 only proved them internet arm chair scouts being dead right in their assessment. He was to join the long list of underclassmen who made major mistakes in declaring early.

Until the last night. Until the hooded one cast his dark magic on yet another defensive lineman.

Granted, he did play against 2nd stringers, but this is the same player who legitimately struggled against 2nd ~ 3 rd stringers on his previous teams. Can today's performance be fluky flash in the pan? Yes.

But with BB's great track record with defensive linemen and Anthony's youth and never questioned upside, maybe, maybe we are witnessing a player finally started to figure thing out.

This is why following young players from college is fun.