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Josh Brown’s 1-game suspension shows NFL doesn’t care about domestic violence or even following its own policies

If you thought the NFL was serious in supporting causes, I have a bridge to sell you. This latest suspension by the league shows that they do not care about domestic violence victims, but rather they care solely about their bottom line and aren’t concerned with anything else.


Ever since the Ray Rice issue, Roger Goodell has had serious problems when it’s come to player discipline. Rice initially got a 2-game suspension, but when a video surfaced of Rice punching his fiancee (now wife) he got an indefinite suspension and the Ravens had to release him out of shame. Rice has since been black-balled by the league even though the suspension was overturned because he already served a suspension for his actions. After that, Roger Goodell announced that a domestic violence would receive an automatic 6-game suspension. Or at least that’s what he wants you to think.

Fast-forward to today, where the Giants kicker Josh Brown received a one-game suspension for domestic violence. If that doesn’t make you go "Seriously, WTF!?", then you haven’t been paying attention the last 4 years. Once again the league shows why their clown of a commissioner is unfit for the job. I do not and will not claim to understand the facts of this particular case, but if there is credible evidence of DV then the league should not be handing any special punishments or favors. The NFL clearly believes there is enough evidence to suspend him one game, so why not six?

The answer to that question may come from above. We already know by now that the only people that hold Goodell accountable are the 31 team owners of the league. One of the most influential owners is John Mara, who runs the New York Giants, Brown’s employer. That basically tells you that the league doesn’t care about DV victims, which we already knew. The commercials are all just lip service to distract from their own hypocrisy. The only thing that matters to the NFL is your money, and until that changes you won’t see Goodell going anywhere anytime soon.