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The NFL's Game Pass advertisement has been updated – and it is more glorious than ever

This is the best video you will watch all day!

A couple of days ago, the NFL presented a new advertisement for their online streaming service Game Pass. The league's marketing team has truly done a great job with the clip, which is set to the Pointer Sisters' classic song "I'm so excited". The undisputed highlight: New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick not showing any emotion during the song's chorus ("I'm so excited and I just can't hide it").

Somehow, however, the ad has been made even better by reddit user jaardreign.

He has taken the NFL's original YouTube upload and has edited it to make it more realistic, especially in regards to Bill Belichick's scene. Without trying to spoil the video, which you can watch above, jaardreign has added a short clip from NFL Films' 2011 "A Football Life" documetary about the Patriots coach's 2009 season. Hint: the best coach in the NFL does not like dancing.

Enjoy the video.