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Bryan Stork failed his physical in Washington, will come back to Patriots

This is such a bizarre story that doesn’t seem to have an ending.

The New England Patriots told Bryan Stork they were going to cut him the morning of August 24th. That didn’t happen.

The New England Patriots then traded Stork to Washington for a conditional 7th round pick in the afternoon of August 24th. Stork considered retiring instead of playing for Washington, but ultimately decided to join his new team.

It turns out that won’t happen either:

Stork comes back to the Patriots and will likely be one of the players cut as the team trims the roster down to 75 players by 4 PM EST on August 30th.

I’m curious to see if any team will put a claim on Stork when he goes through waivers, or if his failed physical with Washington will deter any franchise from trying to sign him. Stork has battled multiple severe head injuries over the course of his football career and suffered another one this preseason.

Stork might actually hang up his cleats this time around. He’s won the last BCS Championship game in the college ranks and won a Super Bowl with the NFL. Best of luck to Stork wherever his journey takes him.