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Happy 39th birthday to the Greatest of All Time: Patriots QB Tom Brady!

The all time great is celebrating another birthday!

Today, August 3rd, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady celebrates his 39th birthday.

I don’t know what to say about Brady that hasn’t already been said in far more poetic and grandiose prose, but he has been such an important part of my adult life that the least I can say is “thank you.” The ripples from his career have literally changed my life’s path.

My Patriots fandom started with Drew Bledsoe, but I’ve watched Brady as the quarterback of the New England Patriots for almost as far back as my memory can take me. He’s ascended from back-up to starter to star to the Greatest of All Time and he still has chapters left to write.

In 2008, I started business school and moved towards a career in finance. That was the same year that Brady’s knee was destroyed and ACL injuries were still considered the kiss of death. The major moments in my, albeit short, adult life have been speckled with Brady moments.

In 2009, I started blogging here at Pats Pulpit because I was interested in Brady’s return from injury. It was a birth for us. The 2011 season, my senior year in college, culminated in a Super Bowl loss and my entry into the workforce with a job at a bank that I didn’t really want. It wasn’t the result either of us wanted. The 2014 season ended with a Super Bowl title and I quit my banking job to work here at the Pulpit full time. An exhale.

Brady is about to enter his 17th season. He ranks in the top five of most major passing categories and will continue to climb the list over the next couple years. He has the best winning rate in league history. He is the only unanimous MVP in league history. He is the most decorated postseason quarterback in league history to go with his four Super Bowl titles.

There is nothing that Brady can do or accomplish over the rest of his career that can change how I perceive him. He wants to play until he’s 45 years old; anything else he does will just extend his lead over the pack. He is the greatest of all time now and forever. I owe him thanks for where I am right now.

Happy 39th birthday, Tom Brady. Here’s to many, many more.