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Sign up for a game plan style NFL fantasy game

This fantasy football league will be like no other before. Instead of putting together a traditional fantasy lineup based off position on offense, you the player get to choose what style of offense and defense you can put together. Consider this as an homage to the Patriots and how they change the style of their offense/defense to the weaknesses of their opponent on a given week.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

This year, I've decided to go completely crazy and design a completely unique fantasy football league. The Patriots are a game plan offense and defense, so I decided to add that element to fantasy football. In the league, the offense isn't standard position constraints, but rather it's more of a design your offense and defense on a given week. On the offense, you have the QB, a kicker, and 5 flex skill positions. However, in order to avoid the hording of talent at one position, there are constraints to the number of players you can hold at one position. On defense, there is a total of 11 players and you build a defensive scheme for that week. You can build a scheme that has a few as 4 defensive backs (base) and as many as 6 (dime).

This is what the lineup looks like for the league each week. The position constraints are 2 QBs, 4 RB, 6 WR, 4 TE, 1 kicker, 6 DL, 4 LB, and 8 DB.

For those wondering how this league will be scored, here is how each game will be scored. All ties will be broken by the amount of points on the bench.

If you are interested in playing, I will provide the link and password down below. It will be on a first come, first serve basis. The draft is Sunday September 4th at 3pm EST and may take a bit since there are 29 spots between the starting lineup and bench. Each draft pick will be 60 seconds long, the order is randomized 30 minutes before the draft, and is a snake draft.

The link to the league can be found by clicking this link and the password is pats1787.

UPDATE: All 10 spots have been filled. Thank you to those that signed up and good luck gentlemen.