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Watch: New Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett has his first job interview in New England

Katie Nolan sat down with Bennett to talk about what qualifies him for the Patriots.

Martellus Bennett is one of the better tight ends in the NFL. Martellus Bennett is also one of the most interesting and entertaining characters in the NFL. He has shown both numerous times in the past and now, since joining the New England Patriots via trade this offseason, has the chance to display his manifold abilities in one of the league's biggest markets.

He currently displays his on-field talents during the Patriots' training camp practices. He also displays his off-field humor during the video above, when Bennett sits down with FS1's Katie Nolan to talk about his new job in Foxboro – or, more accurately, to interview for his new job in Foxboro.

Bennett, as he often does, perfectly plays his part in tip-toeing the line between seriousness and silliness. He names Peter Pan – a friend of his, of course, not a children's book character – as a reference, lists his strengths in strictly alphabetical order and perfectly dodges a Deflategate question.

Hopefully, Bennett will be as entertaining on the field this year, as he is off it.